Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – 3 Things YOU Must Have to Make Money As An Affiliate

So you want to know how you can make money as an affiliate, right?

It seems that many people think that by becoming an affiliate and promote other people's products is the best way to make serious money online.

Don't get me wrong!

There are thousands of people just like you that made the transition from working a job to becoming highly successful affiliate marketers. And you can do it as well.

But before you sign up for hundreds of products you want to promote, I would like to share with you some tips on this subject. More specifically, I will be talking about the 3 things you must have in order to make money online as an affiliate.

Bear in mind that these are only based on my 20+ years of doing online marketing not only as an affiliate, ecommerce developer or expert on Search Engine Optimization, but also as an martial arts instructor, who understands how the human mind works in order to achieve anything it desires.

You can either get something from my experiences or take it with grain and salt andgo on with your own experimentation. You might find better ways of doing things or die broke trying!

Let's begin!

You will know discover what traits will help you to get on the right path to making affiliate marketing your dream work, so you can finally start enjoying your life.

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I believe that this is the most important trait you should posses if you want to make it big on the internet. I have learned that if people lack desire, they will never succeed, because they just have no idea why they want to do it.

When I look at famous people, most of them really did start from nothing and when you look at them now, you will see that they worked hard to be exactly where they are now.

Yet, there are thousands of people who wanted to have their lives, but they don't have it. Why?

It is because of lack of strong desire to succeed.

It really is not a walk in the park. You cannot expect to get something from nothing. My martial arts master, a former US Marine always says..."No Easy Day!"

Which means that every day you need to work on becoming better that the day before. Don't take anything for granted, because if you have no power over yourself and are lazy, you do not deserve to be successful.

So what is your desire?

Why do you want to do affiliate marketing?
What are you willing to give up in order to make this work for you?

You should really stop now reading and write down on a piece of paper your answers to these simple questions.

I don't know you and have no idea why is it you want to become rich

Only you know that.

Let's say you want to:

  • pay off your credit card debts
  • buy house
  • get the car you dream of for very long time
  • save money for great vacation

Now whatever your desire is, try to honestly answer yourself if your desire is strong enough that you will do whatever it takes to make affiliate marketing work for your favor.

Because if you are not willing to do whatever it takes, your desire is not strong enought. You will only lose time, efforts and will have nothing to show for it.

So you better find the perfect desire, something that will move you to really work hard and never ever give up!


Look, to become successful is a lot of hard work. If someone tell you that you can become successful overnight by following some kinda secrets or shortcuts, you will be soon awaken by a real hard truth.

So what is the truth of real success?

It's not buying the latest tool, software or training course showing you a "loophole" that will turn you into an instant rich person.

It is your willingness to learn all you need to know about affiliate marketing and applying that knowledge to your own circumstances.

I always say to my martial arts students: "It's not enough to know, you must do!"

And yes, it is not my own quote, but this one I learned from the "KING of KUNG FU" - Bruce Lee.

Actually, what I like about my martial arts training and teaching students around the world is that if you want to be good at martial arts, you have to practice it every day!

Yep, you will never learn it from reading a book or watching a YouTube video.

And this is true with everyting else... dating, losing weight, building muscles, learning to swim, play basketball and yes, even online business.

That is why I will always talk like an old chinese SIFU, making sure you understand that the action you will take will correspond to your level of success.

And to become successfull in affiliate marketing and making all the money you desire just from the comfort of your own home using only the internet connection, you really only need to know couple things.

1 - Learn How to Build An Audience
2 - Develop Trust with Your Audience
3 - Help Them to Overcome Their Problems with Your Solution

And if you do this right, you will become successful affiliate! No doubt about it!

1 - Learn How to Build An Audience

So what do you need to know to build audience?

Well, it all depends where you want to get the audience from. If you want to do blogging, then you need to learn how to set up blog, how to write blog post that talks to your audience, how to rank your blog post in search engines and how to make sell products to your audience.

But there are other ways to build audience. Here is a list of other options:

1 - Facebook
2 - YouTube
3 - Instagram
4 - TikTok
5 - LinkedIn

So pick one and start learning everything you need to get people listen to you.

Now, you would need to develop trust with your new audience.

2 - Develop Trust with Your Audience

There are many ways to develop trust with your audience. You can use blogging, posting on social media sites or making videos and uploading them on YouTube, Vimeo and other video sharing sites.

Recently I was attending a webinar, where the top 3 affiliates were sharing their secrets to success.

I was hoping they share some real secret of affiliate success, but the secret was...


The only thing they did was:

  1. 1
     - Publish content daily.
  2. 2
     - Drive traffic from content to landing pages.
  3. 3
     - Build an email list.
  4. 4
     - Follow up with that email list.
  5. 5
     - Send offers to email list.

You see, these 5 things were responsible for creating 6-figure income to best performing affiliate marketers.

Can you learn the skills you need to make this happen?

It is not difficult at all and you don't need to waste any time and money to learn the skills necessary to put these 5 money making things together.

If you want to get massive headstart, check out my Secret Affiliate Method here.

You will get the opportunity to learn the best skills for getting the best results with your affiliate marketing campaigns.

3 - Help Them to Overcome Their Problems with Your Solution

Once your audience is trusting you and you can show them that you are there for them, you will be able to present your solutions that will help them to solve all of their problems.

By this point, you gain the right to show them, how they can succeed.

The reason why this is the last step is that most people online were scammed many times by so called gurus and their defense mechanisms are up!

Only by gaining their trust and showing them what you did will lower these defense mechanisms and you will be allowed to present them your solution.

Never sell them anything you did not try and never sell them anything before they trust you.

Only then you can see the power of internet marketing and what it can do for your affiliate marketing business.


This is the most overlooked reason why people fail with their affiliate marketing campaigns.

It is so obvious, but I have made this mistake myself, so I cant blaim you or other beginner affiliates.

There are many affiliate marketing networks, many courses on how to make money as an affiliate and that alone is pretty distracting!

And trust me, I did learn this the hard way, but lack of focus is worst than having picked the wrong product to promote.

Don't be the person, who will always jump from product to product and never makes any substantial income by doing this.

If you want to see great results and achieve your affiliate marketing goals, you need to get your hand dirty and start working on your project until you reach your goal.

I have tried to promote up to 15 products at one point of my affiliate marketing carreer, but never made a dime from doing so.

But when I focus on my one best product and promoted it as an affiliate, I have made $ 868.11 in that first month!

Even now, I only actuively promote 3 products as an affiliate and it is enough for me. All three products are helping me to grow my business and that is why I love to promote them.

This way, I can help other affiliate marketers to save money and earn more affiliate commissions.

And remember: It's not about how much money you make as an affiliate marketers, but how much you can keep!

If you need help with that focus or if you want to start a profitable online business, you can take this 15-DAY ONLINE BUSINESS CHALLENGE.

CONCLUSION - Making Money As An Affiliate Marketer Is Easy, If You Know What You Are Doing!

If you are new affiliate marketer or are struggling to make your first affiliate commission online, you need to start learning the skills necessary to help you to make those affiliate commissions consistently.

And it's not as difficult as it sounds.

All you need to do is focus on one niche and one product in that niche and build it up until it makes you money.

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