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Content Samurai (Now Known As Vidnami) Is Time Saving Video Creation App That Will Help You To Grow Your Business Online Using Video Marketing…

VIDNAMI or Content Samurai - Is This Really The Best Online Video Maker App for Your Business?

Hi, my name is Brett Slansky and I have been secretly doing online marketing for 17 years now and over these years I have seen a lot of trends, hypes and making money quick scams.  And you know what?

You can make a lot of money by scamming people, especially the beginners, but it is not “ethical” way of doing business and it is not a “sustainable” way of doing business.

So for the past two years I focused more on Ecommerce business and Affiliate business model with great results.

But it was when I started to make videos online for my business, I have seen dramatic increase in revenue. And what I want to share with you today is why every business who wants to get more traffic, get more leads and customers need to start producing videos about your business.

After buying at least dozen video making apps I have decided that Content Samurai is the best video maker app for me and my business.

So without any delays, I will share with you my experience with Content Samurai App and why you should give it a try — Get 7 Day FREE TRIAL (no optin or credit card needed)


Content Samurai Review – What Is Content Samurai and How It Works

Content Samurai is a nice video maker app that is created by awesome Australian company Noble Samurai.


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Recently they have changed the name from Content Samurai to Vidnami, but still I love the former better, so this review will be reffering to Vidnami as such.

These folks are in the online marketing game for a really long time and one of their first product Market Samurai is still on my PC as one of the niche and keyword researching tool I am using when trying to get an idea about certain niche or topics.

Their customer support is top-notch and they also provide free content and webinars on how to use this online video editor to market your business with videos and how to do it more effectively.

So you really do not need to buy any additional and expensive upgrades or how to courses like many other companies do.

By having Content Samurai App, you are saving hundreds of even thousands of dollars every year on building your business.

Just try to go online and search for custom video price. You will see that $150 USD per minute of video is no problem!

Why You Need to Make Videos for Your Online Business?

Maybe you have your own business website, affiliate review sites or ecommerce store and do quite well with it. But recently there is a big change of the way people consume content online.

Consumers are now busier than ever and to capture their attention is really hard. When you just rely on text and SEO of your websites, you will soon see a huge decline in visitors or visitors will quickly leave your websites if you do not engage them fast.

Did You Know???

  • Video content is able to increase a conversions up to 80%!
  • When posting a video on Facebook, it will get shared twelve times more than any other forms of content!
  • 64% of people buying online will buy a product after watching a video.
  • And on YouTube alone, people watch over 500 hours of videos every single day!

And I can go on and on. But do you see where I am going with this? Do you see that having a video content can increase the chances of you attracting the right type of customers to your business?


That is why CONTENT SAMURAI will help you to produce great video content that will in turn attract the right type of people, turning them into leads and raving customers for your products or services.

And besides, regular SEO based on only text can take you only so far and for lot of money. There is no problem SEO agency charging you $2000 and more each and every month for trying to rank your websites on the first page of Google.

But Google owns YouTube and it knows that people are really into watching videos, that is why they rank now videos and YouTube much easier and cheaper.

So again, having an engaging video content has more benefits than having just a normal article based website.

VIDNAMI - Content Samurai Review & Tutorial

If you prefer to watch video demo of Content Samurai instead of reading, watch this Content Samurai Demo and Turorial video:

Content Samurai (Vidnami Review)

VIDNAMI (Content Samurai) Will Help You to Create Videos Fast and Cheap

Once you login to the cloud based app (no downloads to your computer, can access everywhere you go), you will see a dashboard that look like this:

Vidnami Content-Samurai-Dashboard

Then you just click the blue button on the right “Create A New Video”...

Once you click that button, you will be able to pick a template and type of video you want to make. See the image below:

Vidnami Content-Samurai-Review-The-Templates-and-Video-Types-You-Can-Create

As you can see there are many Templates to choose from. My favorite is the first one called “Viral Buzz” – it is awesome template that looks great for any niche or topic. You should definitely try it out or see which other template you might like.

What is also cool is that you can further customize each video template to make it better suit your needs. You can change the fonts, colors and other styling options. The best part is that you can save it as your own template. That way you will have a certain style that people will recognize your brand.

Content Samurai Review - What type of videos you can create with Content Samurai Video Maker App?

Every business is a different, but with this online video editor, you can create any type of video for all you needs. You really do not need anything else.

Here is top 7 video types you can create with Content Samurai:

  • Gare Vee Influencer Style Videos for YouTube/social media
  • Create Videos From An Article or Blog Post
  • Viral Social Media Videos
  • Real Estate / Property Listings Videos
  • Online Sales Videos / Video Sales Letters
  • Short Video Ads
  • Online Video Courses / Tutorials

Vidnami Review – Smart Online Video Traffic Building App

Most businesses will only make video from article or blog post, video for social media (Facebook, Instagram). But if you are creating your own online products, you could create video sales letters, produce online video courses or make property listings videos if you are a Real Estate broker or seller.

For the purpose of this Content Samurai review, I will only show you how easy it is to make video online with music and pictures and video clips.

How to Make Video Online with Content Samurai (VIDNAMI) ?

After you have selected the option “Video from an article or blog post” and chosen your template, you need to click the blue button that says “Use This Template”…

Vidnami Review Content-Samurai-How-to-Make-Video-Online-Use-this-Template

By doing so, you will see another screen where you simply add your VIDEO TITLE and write (or copy and paste) your video script.

Also you can select options for Content Samurai to automatically bold certain words, select images or video clips, add scene transitions and much more. This is the laziest way to create videos online.

See the screenshot below:

Vidnami Review Content-Samurai-Online-Video-Editor-Create-Your-Video-from-a-Script

When you are ready, you only need to click the blue button “Create Scenes For Your Video” and let the Content Samurai video maker app do its magic!

Of course, it is always better to customize the outcome. Change the images from the huge library or add your own, highlight the words, change different scene transitions, add video clips and much more. It all depends on how much professional you want your video to look.

Once you generate your scenes and customize them to fit your needs you will be presented with an option to add voice track, music or both to your video.


Once the button gets clicked, you will see that you can create your video with:

  • Music only
  • Auto-Voice
  • Record Your own voice
  • Upload a voice track

Soon I will be making lots of videos on my YouTube channel showing you all these options live on camera, because it will take lots of words to describe it. 

But in a nutshell you can create videos from images and video clips with music only or with a voice-over. It all depends on your preferences. 

If you dislike your voice, you can either have someone to record your script or you can use the Content Samurai Auto-voice (there is an option to speed up or slow the voice and they really sound great).

You have option to have both male and female voices from USA, UK and Australia. So I suggest to play with them and see which one suits best your needs. I like Australian voices the most. Especially Jack when slowed down to 86%.

Once you have selected these voice track options you will be able to Preview the video you made, make some final edits and finally generate the video and download it to your computer.

After that, you can upload the video to YouTube or Facebook. Or do whatever you want with it.

Content Samurai (Vidnami Review)

Content Samurai Review Verdict – Is This Really the Best Online Video Editor?

After 2 years of making video using Content Samurai, trying other video making apps that are coming out now in lightning speed I can assure you that CS is the real deal.

Many apps limit you on how many videos you can render, what quality of videos you can make and if you want unlimited videos like with Content Samurai, you will pay monthly fee from $149 and more!

vidnami review content-samurai-reviews-real-customers-rate-this-online-video-editor

But I am not really great in convincing you that this truly is best video maker online nor I want to. Because what works for me doesn’t mean it will work for you. The same way I like a Toyota, but you might like BMW.

All I can say is that if you haven’t really try to make video for your internet business with this, you will never know it’s worth.

So the best way to find out if what I just showed you will help your business is to try it out. And Noble Samurai team does great job by giving you unlimited access to this video maker app for full 7 days without the need to add credit card first.

All you have to do is to register for free trial here and you can make videos online for free. If you decide is not for you, you simply wait when the trial finishes and that is it. I just hate when I need to buy or try first and add a payment method to ask for a refund later on.

With Content Samurai is not like that. You only pay after you know for sure you will need this online video editor and it is only fair.

That is why, here is the link to 7 Day Trial. You can create unlimited videos and see how much Content Samurai can help you to build your business.


And because I want to give you something before you even buy from my links, I have decided to give you out this list of the top 25 most profitable niches to enter. No sign up and no optin. Download by clicking the link below.

The Top 25 Most Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niches to Enter

If you want to save time and discover the top 25 most profitable niches to enter when starting your own affiliate marketing business, this list will be really handy. 

All you need to do is pick one that is closest to your interest and start building your affiliate sites or videos with Content Samurai right away.



youtebe seo cheatsheet

And before you buy Content Samurai I want to make sure that you know what you are doing in terms of YouTube SEO and video optimization.

That is why I want you to get the YouTube SEO CHEATSHEET!

And before you buy Content Samurai I want to make sure that you know what you are doing in terms of YouTube SEO and video optimization.

That is why I want you to get the YouTube SEO CHEATSHEET!

After you decide to really dive in and use Content Samurai to produce videos online, make sure you click the link below and ask for the extra bonuses that you will get when buying through my link below.

Get Other Content Samurai Video Maker App Bonuses When You JOIN Vidnami

When you sign up to the FREE 7 Day Trial through my link – I will send you these bonuses.

✅ Content Samurai Bonus 1 - How to Create Captivating YouTube Video Thumbnail

How to create captivating video thumbnails

Did you know that you can 10X your engagement on YouTube just by having great Thumbnail that makes people want to click on your video? Yes! So if you are planning to make living with YouTube, you need to know how to make captivating thumbnails for your video.

But don’t worry!

When you get the 7 Day Trial, and follow the steps below, I will send you this Content Samurai Bonus – you will know exactly how to make great looking thumbnail for your YouTube videos!

✅ Content Samurai Bonus 2 - The 5 best video templates many successful YouTubers use to create engaging and viral videos for the best traffic possible.


These video teplates are really great cheatsheets that were made by observing successful videos on YouTube and they brought over 7 BILLION VIEWS on YouTube and counting.

Once you will have these 5 Video Templates, you will know exactly what type of video content people on YouTube really want to see.

All you have to do is to deliver that to them and they will love your channel!

✅ Content Samurai Bonus 3 - Online Passive Income Checklist

passive income checklist

This is what I call shortcut in online marketing. I have been doing this since 2001 when I first came to the USA and I must say that over the past 18 years or so I have seen it all! And trust me, there are lots of garbage outthere and that is why I have decided to write this Online Passive Income Checklist.

What you will learn is that in order to make real money online you need to follow only these 4 steps and you will succeed!

Don’t waste your time and money on hundred ways to make money online!

Focus on these 4 easy to do steps and you will never ever waste a single dollar on stuff that simply dont work.

All these Content Samurai – Vidnami bonuses will be yours and will help you to make the most profits with every video you will make using Content Samurai online video editor.

All you have to do is to send me an direct message on my facebook page  – say Content Samurai Bonus and write the email address you have used to sign up for the CS trial and I will send you the bonuses there.

Enjoy making videos for your business and have fun with the VIDNAMI (Content Samurai) video maker app!

Vidnami Content-Samurai-How-to-Make-Videos-with-Pictures-and-Music-Best-Online-Video-Editor

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